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SubjectRe: Problem with late AMD microcode reload/feedback
On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 09:08:00AM +0100, Rafał Miłecki wrote:
> Thanks! I had no idea microcode_amd_fam17h.bin is a container with few
> microcodes. I thought there is a single microcode for a whole family
> (e.g. 17h).

It is a container for all F17h - you're simply making the wrong
assumption that it would have microcode for *all* F17h out there. Which
is not the case, because, well, there's not microcode for all of them
... yet.


IOW, there are only two patches released:

file offset: 60 (0x3c)
Patch 00: type 1, size: 3200 (0xc80)
ID: 0x08001227, CPU rev ID: 0x00008012

file offset: 3268 (0xcc4)
Patch 01: type 1, size: 3200 (0xc80)
ID: 0x0800820b, CPU rev ID: 0x00008082

> Using hex also makes more sense indeed!
> [ 44.127941] microcode: verify_and_add_patch: Added patch_id: 0x08001227, proc_id: 0x8012
> [ 44.127948] microcode: verify_and_add_patch: Added patch_id: 0x0800820b, proc_id: 0x8082


> For my hack tests I'd like to replace my 0x0810100b with a 0x08101007.

Why would you even want to downgrade the microcode?!


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