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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Revert "serial: 8250: Fix clearing FIFOs in RS485 mode again"
Hi Ezequiel,

On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 07:28:22PM -0300, Ezequiel Garcia wrote:
> On Sun, 16 Dec 2018 at 19:24, Paul Burton <> wrote:
> > This helps, but it only addresses one part of one of the 4 reasons I
> > listed as motivation for my revert. For example serial8250_do_shutdown()
> > also clearly intends to disable the FIFOs.
> >
> OK. So, let's fix that :-)

I already did, or at least tried to, on Thursday [1].

> By all means, it would be really nice to push forward and fix the garbage
> issue on JZ4780, as well as the transmission issue on AM335x.
> AM335x is a wildly popular platform, and it's not funny to break it.

Well, clearly not if it was broken in v4.10 & only just fixed..? And
from Marek's commit message the patch in v4.10 doesn't break the whole
system just RS485.

> So, let's please stop discussing which board we'll break and just fix both.

I completely agree that would be ideal and I wrote a patch hoping to do
that on Thursday, but didn't get any response on testing. It's late in
the cycle hence a revert made sense. Simple as that.



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