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SubjectRe: > [PATCH] Security: Handle hidepid option correctly
On Wed, Dec 05, 2018 at 03:26:04PM +0800, 程洋 wrote:
> Anyone who can review my patch?
> 程洋 <> 于2018年11月30日周五 上午10:34写道:
> >
> > Here is an article illustrates the details.
> >
> >
> > And There is a similar fix on kernel-4.4:
> >
> >
> > Q: Other filesystems parse the options from fill_super(). Is proc special in some fashion?
> > A: According to my research, start_kernel will call proc_mount first, and initialize sb->s_root before any userspace process runs. If others want to mount it, all options will be ignored.
> > AOSP change here:
> > At first I though we should mount it with MS_REMOUNT flag. But kernel will crash if we did this.

This is not true: /proc is mounted by userspace (and it is easy to see
from the fact that proc_mount() is not called from kernel anywhere).

hidepid= in its current form is misdesigned, so might as well not bother
changing anything. IIRC there were(?) patches to make it per-mount.

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