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Subject[RFC 0/6] powerpc/pseries: Refactor code to centralize drcinfo parsing
The implementation of the pseries-specific drc info information feature
is currently implemented within and outside of the powerpc pseries
code. This patch set moves the parsing code for the pseries-specific
device-tree properties ibm,drc-indexes, ibm,drc-names, ibm,drc-types,
ibm,drc-power-domains, and the compressed ibm,drc-info into the
platform-specific code for the Pseries features.

Signed-off-by: Michael W. Bringmann <>

Michael Bringmann (6):
powerpc:/drc Define interface to acquire arch-specific drc info
pseries/drcinfo: Fix bug parsing ibm,drc-info
pseries/drcinfo: Pseries impl of arch_find_drc_info
powerpc/pseries: Use common drcinfo parsing
powerpc/pci/hotplug: Use common drcinfo parsing
powerpc: Enable support for ibm,drc-info devtree property

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