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SubjectRe: Can we drop upstream Linux x32 support?
Andy Lutomirski dixit:

>That’s the thing, though: the whole generic kernel compat
>infrastructure assumes there are at most two ABIs: native and, if
>enabled and relevant, compat. x32 breaks this entirely.

MIPS had o32, n32, n64 since like forever.

ARM has old ABI, EABI and now 64-bit.

Other architectures are yet to come.

>IMO the real right solution would be to push the whole problem to
>userspace: get an ILP32 system working with almost or entirely LP64

Is this a reflex of Linux kernel developers? ;-)

I doubt that userspace is the right place for this, remember
the recent glibc vs. syscalls debate. It would also need to
multiply across various libcs.

>How hard would it be to have __attribute__((ilp64)), with an optional
>warning if any embedded structs are not ilp64? This plus a wrapper to

You mean LP64. Impossible, because LP64 vs. ILP32 is not the only
difference between amd64 and x32.

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