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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] signal: add procfd_signal() syscall

It just occurs to me that the simple way to implement
procfd_sigqueueinfo info is like:

int copy_siginfo_from_user_any(kernel_siginfo_t *info, siginfo_t *uinfo)
if (in_compat_syscall)
return copy_siginfo_from_user32(info, uinfo);
return copy_siginfo_from_user(info, uinfo);

long procfd_sigqueueinfo(int fd, siginfo_t *uinfo)
kernel_siginfo info;

if (copy_siginfo_from_user_any(&info, uinfo))
return -EFAULT;

It looks like there is already a place in ptrace.c that already
hand rolls copy_siginfo_from_user_any.

So while I would love to figure out the subset of siginfo_t tha we can
just pass through, as I think that would make a better more forward
compatible copy_siginfo_from_user32. I think for this use case we just
add the in_compat_syscall test and then we just need to ensure this new
system call is placed in the proper places in the syscall table.

Because we will need 3 call sights: x86_64, x32 and ia32. As the layout
changes between those three subarchitecuters.


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