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SubjectRe: [PATCH V6 0/8] KVM: X86: Introducing ROE Protection Kernel Hardening
On 04/11/2018 18:11, Ahmed Abd El Mawgood wrote:
> Our model assumes that an attacker got full root access to a running guest and
> his goal is to manipulate kernel code/data (hook syscalls, overwrite IDT ..etc).
> There is future work in progress to also put some sort of protection on the page
> table register CR3 and other critical registers that can be intercepted by KVM.
> This way it won't be possible for an attacker to manipulate any part of the
> guests page table.

Do you have patches that enable usage of ROE in the kernel?
Alternatively you can write testcases in tools/testing/selftests/kvm to
test how guests should use it.

I would remove CONFIG_KVM_ROE altogether. You can enable it

I will continue reviewing the patches soon.


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