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SubjectRe: [RFC perf,bpf 1/5] perf, bpf: Introduce PERF_RECORD_BPF_EVENT
On 11/8/18 11:49 AM, Song Liu wrote:
> Could you please point me to more information about the use cases you worry
> about? I am more than happy to optimize the logic for those use cases.

bpf load and unload as just another tracepoint to throw into a set of
events that are monitored. As mentioned before auditing the loads and
unloads is one example.

And that brings up another comment: Why are you adding a PERF_RECORD_*
rather than a tracepoint? From what I can see the PERF_RECORD_BPF_EVENT
definition does not include the who is loading / unloading a bpf
program. That is important information as well.

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