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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] lockdep: Use line-buffered printk() for lockdep messages.
On 2018/11/08 13:45, Sergey Senozhatsky wrote:
> So, can we just do the following? /* a sketch */
> lockdep.c
> printk_safe_enter_irqsave(flags);
> lockdep_report();
> printk_safe_exit_irqrestore(flags);

If buffer size were large enough to hold messages from out_of_memory(),
I would like to use it for out_of_memory() because delaying SIGKILL
due to waiting for printk() to complete is not good. Surely we can't
hold all messages because amount from dump_tasks() is unpredictable.
Maybe we can hold all messages from dump_header() except dump_tasks().

But isn't it essentially same with
which Linus does not want?

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