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SubjectRe: net: ipv4: tcp_westwood: fixed warnings and checks
From: Suraj Singh <>

Regrding why I used "staging: " in the commmit message, I was following Greg Kroah-Hartman's video on YouTube on how to submit your first patch, and in his sample commit, he'd started his commit message with "staging: ", and so I thought it was convention to do so. I'll remove that immediately. I made this same mistake in another patch that I just sent for TCP Vegas, I'll make the change there as well.

I didn't consider the complexities of calling the same function twice. I was looking more towards satisying the's requirements.

- tp->snd_cwnd = tp->snd_ssthresh = tcp_westwood_bw_rttmin(sk);
+ tp->snd_cwnd = tcp_westwood_bw_rttmin(sk);
+ tp->snd_ssthresh = tcp_westwood_bw_rttmin(sk);

I've made the same mistake here. I'll make these changes and resubmit. Is there anything else that's wrong?

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