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SubjectRe: [patch 2/2] Documentation/process: Add tip tree handbook

* Thomas Gleixner <> wrote:

> +Namespaces
> +^^^^^^^^^^
> +
> +To improve readability and to allow easy grepping for information the usage
> +of consistent namespaces is important. The namespace should be used as a
> +prefix for globally visible (inline) functions and variables. A simple rule
> +for chosing a namespace prefix is to combine the subsystem and the
> +component name, e.g. 'x86_comp\_', 'sched\_', 'irq\_', 'mutex\_', etc. For
> +static functions and variables the namespace prefix can be omitted.
> +
> +Also be careful when using vendor names in namespaces. There is no value of
> +having 'xxx_vendor\_' or 'vendor_xxx_` as prefix for all static functions
> +of a vendor specific file as it is already clear that the code is vendor
> +specific. Aside of that vendor names should only be used when it is really
> +vendor specific functionality.
> +
> +As always apply common sense and aim for consistency and readability.

I'd also suggest adding:

> +This also includes static file scope functions that are immediately put into
> +globally visible driver templates - it's useful for those symbols to carry a
> +good prefix as well, for backtrace readability.
> +
> +Truly local functions, only called by other local functions, can have
> +shorter descriptive names - our primary concern is greppability and
> +backtrace readability.

Beyond the driver-template aspect also note the backtrace readability
argument I added: good namespaces are not just about greppability.



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