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SubjectRE: [tip:irq/core] genirq/matrix: Improve target CPU selection for managed interrupts.
From: Thomas Gleixner <>  Sent: Wednesday, November 7, 2018 12:23 PM
> There is another interesting property of managed interrupts vs. CPU
> hotplug. When the last CPU in the affinity mask goes offline, then the core
> code shuts down the interrupt and the device driver and related layers
> exclude the associated device queue from I/O. The same applies for CPUs
> which are not online when the device is initialized, i.e. if non of the
> CPUs is online then the interrupt is not started and the I/O queue stays
> disabled.
> When the first CPU in the mask comes online (again), then the interrupt is
> reenabled and the device driver and related layers reenable I/O on the
> associated device queue.

Thanks! The transition into and out of the situation when none of the CPUs
in the affinity mask are online is what I wasn't aware of. With that piece of
the puzzle, it all makes sense.


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