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Subject[tip:perf/urgent] perf scripts python: Add help window
Commit-ID:  65b24292e8f34df22a16bf7c47823325ac247572
Author: Adrian Hunter <>
AuthorDate: Sun, 4 Nov 2018 17:12:37 +0200
Committer: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <>
CommitDate: Mon, 5 Nov 2018 14:52:45 -0300

perf scripts python: Add help window

Add a window to display help. It is also possible to display the help
only, by using the option "--help-only" instead of a database name.

Signed-off-by: Adrian Hunter <>
Cc: Andi Kleen <>
Cc: Jiri Olsa <>
Signed-off-by: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <>
tools/perf/scripts/python/ | 155 ++++++++++++++++++++++-
1 file changed, 154 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/tools/perf/scripts/python/ b/tools/perf/scripts/python/
index a9d2b3170141..c2fcf6c5237a 100755
--- a/tools/perf/scripts/python/
+++ b/tools/perf/scripts/python/
@@ -2084,6 +2084,147 @@ class WindowMenu():
def setActiveSubWindow(self, nr):
self.mdi_area.setActiveSubWindow(self.mdi_area.subWindowList()[nr - 1])

+# Help text
+glb_help_text = """
+p.c1 {
+ text-indent: 40px;
+p.c2 {
+ text-indent: 80px;
+<p class=c1><a href=#reports>1. Reports</a></p>
+<p class=c2><a href=#callgraph>1.1 Context-Sensitive Call Graph</a></p>
+<p class=c2><a href=#allbranches>1.2 All branches</a></p>
+<p class=c2><a href=#selectedbranches>1.3 Selected branches</a></p>
+<p class=c1><a href=#tables>2. Tables</a></p>
+<h1 id=reports>1. Reports</h1>
+<h2 id=callgraph>1.1 Context-Sensitive Call Graph</h2>
+The result is a GUI window with a tree representing a context-sensitive
+call-graph. Expanding a couple of levels of the tree and adjusting column
+widths to suit will display something like:
+ Call Graph: pt_example
+Call Path Object Count Time(ns) Time(%) Branch Count Branch Count(%)
+v- ls
+ v- 2638:2638
+ v- _start 1 10074071 100.0 211135 100.0
+ |- unknown unknown 1 13198 0.1 1 0.0
+ >- _dl_start 1 1400980 13.9 19637 9.3
+ >- _d_linit_internal 1 448152 4.4 11094 5.3
+ v-__libc_start_main@plt ls 1 8211741 81.5 180397 85.4
+ >- _dl_fixup 1 7607 0.1 108 0.1
+ >- __cxa_atexit 1 11737 0.1 10 0.0
+ >- __libc_csu_init ls 1 10354 0.1 10 0.0
+ |- _setjmp 1 0 0.0 4 0.0
+ v- main ls 1 8182043 99.6 180254 99.9
+<h3>Points to note:</h3>
+<li>The top level is a command name (comm)</li>
+<li>The next level is a thread (pid:tid)</li>
+<li>Subsequent levels are functions</li>
+<li>'Count' is the number of calls</li>
+<li>'Time' is the elapsed time until the function returns</li>
+<li>Percentages are relative to the level above</li>
+<li>'Branch Count' is the total number of branches for that function and all functions that it calls
+Ctrl-F displays a Find bar which finds function names by either an exact match or a pattern match.
+The pattern matching symbols are ? for any character and * for zero or more characters.
+<h2 id=allbranches>1.2 All branches</h2>
+The All branches report displays all branches in chronological order.
+Not all data is fetched immediately. More records can be fetched using the Fetch bar provided.
+Open a branch to display disassembly. This only works if:
+<li>The disassembler is available. Currently, only Intel XED is supported - see <a href=#xed>Intel XED Setup</a></li>
+<li>The object code is available. Currently, only the perf build ID cache is searched for object code.
+The default directory ~/.debug can be overridden by setting environment variable PERF_BUILDID_DIR.
+One exception is kcore where the DSO long name is used (refer dsos_view on the Tables menu),
+or alternatively, set environment variable PERF_KCORE to the kcore file name.</li>
+<h4 id=xed>Intel XED Setup</h4>
+To use Intel XED, must be present. To build and install
+git clone mbuild
+git clone
+cd xed
+./ --share
+sudo ./ --prefix=/usr/local install
+sudo ldconfig
+Ctrl-F displays a Find bar which finds substrings by either an exact match or a regular expression match.
+Refer to Python documentation for the regular expression syntax.
+All columns are searched, but only currently fetched rows are searched.
+<h2 id=selectedbranches>1.3 Selected branches</h2>
+This is the same as the <a href=#allbranches>All branches</a> report but with the data reduced
+by various selection criteria. A dialog box displays available criteria which are AND'ed together.
+<h3>1.3.1 Time ranges</h3>
+The time ranges hint text shows the total time range. Relative time ranges can also be entered in
+ms, us or ns. Also, negative values are relative to the end of trace. Examples:
+ 81073085947329-81073085958238 From 81073085947329 to 81073085958238
+ 100us-200us From 100us to 200us
+ 10ms- From 10ms to the end
+ -100ns The first 100ns
+ -10ms- The last 10ms
+N.B. Due to the granularity of timestamps, there could be no branches in any given time range.
+<h1 id=tables>2. Tables</h1>
+The Tables menu shows all tables and views in the database. Most tables have an associated view
+which displays the information in a more friendly way. Not all data for large tables is fetched
+immediately. More records can be fetched using the Fetch bar provided. Columns can be sorted,
+but that can be slow for large tables.
+<p>There are also tables of database meta-information.
+For SQLite3 databases, the sqlite_master table is included.
+For PostgreSQL databases, information_schema.tables/views/columns are included.
+Ctrl-F displays a Find bar which finds substrings by either an exact match or a regular expression match.
+Refer to Python documentation for the regular expression syntax.
+All columns are searched, but only currently fetched rows are searched.
+# Help window
+class HelpWindow(QMdiSubWindow):
+ def __init__(self, glb, parent=None):
+ super(HelpWindow, self).__init__(parent)
+ self.text = QTextBrowser()
+ self.text.setHtml(glb_help_text)
+ self.text.setReadOnly(True)
+ self.text.setOpenExternalLinks(True)
+ self.setWidget(self.text)
+ AddSubWindow(glb.mainwindow.mdi_area, self, "Exported SQL Viewer Help")
+# Main window that only displays the help text
+class HelpOnlyWindow(QMainWindow):
+ def __init__(self, parent=None):
+ super(HelpOnlyWindow, self).__init__(parent)
+ self.setMinimumSize(200, 100)
+ self.resize(800, 600)
+ self.setWindowTitle("Exported SQL Viewer Help")
+ self.setWindowIcon(
+ self.text = QTextBrowser()
+ self.text.setHtml(glb_help_text)
+ self.text.setReadOnly(True)
+ self.text.setOpenExternalLinks(True)
+ self.setCentralWidget(self.text)
# Font resize

def ResizeFont(widget, diff):
@@ -2170,6 +2311,9 @@ class MainWindow(QMainWindow):

self.window_menu = WindowMenu(self.mdi_area, menu)

+ help_menu = menu.addMenu("&Help")
+ help_menu.addAction(CreateAction("&Exported SQL Viewer Help", "Helpful information", self.Help, self, QKeySequence.HelpContents))
def Find(self):
win = self.mdi_area.activeSubWindow()
if win:
@@ -2230,6 +2374,9 @@ class MainWindow(QMainWindow):
def NewTableView(self, table_name):
TableWindow(self.glb, table_name, self)

+ def Help(self):
+ HelpWindow(self.glb, self)
# XED Disassembler

class xed_state_t(Structure):
@@ -2429,10 +2576,16 @@ class DBRef():

def Main():
if (len(sys.argv) < 2):
- print >> sys.stderr, "Usage is: <database name>"
+ print >> sys.stderr, "Usage is: {<database name> | --help-only}"
raise Exception("Too few arguments")

dbname = sys.argv[1]
+ if dbname == "--help-only":
+ app = QApplication(sys.argv)
+ mainwindow = HelpOnlyWindow()
+ err = app.exec_()
+ sys.exit(err)

is_sqlite3 = False
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