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SubjectRe: [PATCH] qed: fix link config error handling
From: Arnd Bergmann <>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2018 16:36:24 +0100

> gcc-8 notices that qed_mcp_get_transceiver_data() may fail to
> return a result to the caller:
> drivers/net/ethernet/qlogic/qed/qed_mcp.c: In function 'qed_mcp_trans_speed_mask':
> drivers/net/ethernet/qlogic/qed/qed_mcp.c:1955:2: error: 'transceiver_type' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized]
> When an error is returned by qed_mcp_get_transceiver_data(), we
> should propagate that to the caller of qed_mcp_trans_speed_mask()
> rather than continuing with uninitialized data.
> Fixes: c56a8be7e7aa ("qed: Add supported link and advertise link to display in ethtool.")
> Signed-off-by: Arnd Bergmann <>

Applied, thanks.

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