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SubjectOCFS2: [ocfs2_rename:1688 ERROR: status = -39] with four syscalls on fresh FS image

When fuzzing OCFS2, I got an ERROR message in dmesg output with
several syscalls on completely fresh, uncrafted FS image. From this
it looks like ERROR messages are indicating some unexpected conditions
in the driver code, is it right? If so, here it how to reproduce it
with kvm-xfstests:

1) Checkout latest torvalds/master (tested with commit 71e56028), copy
x86_64-config-4.14 from fstests to .config, `make olddefconfig`,
enable CONFIG_FS then OCFS2 and compile
2) Create fresh OCFS2 image:
$ fallocate -l 256M ocfs2
$ mkfs.ocfs2 -L test --fs-features=local ./ocfs2
$ mv ocfs2 /tmp/kvm-xfstests-$USER/ # mkfs.ocfs2 seems to not operate
on tmpfs that can be mounted on /tmp
3) gcc --static ocfs2.c -o /tmp/kvm-xfstests-$USER/repro
4) Inside the ./kvm-xfstests shell
root@kvm-xfstests:~# mount /vtmp
root@kvm-xfstests:~# mount /vtmp/ocfs2 /mnt
[ 17.168634] JBD2: Ignoring recovery information on journal
[ 17.173903] ocfs2: Mounting device (7,0) on (node local, slot 0)
with ordered data mode.
root@kvm-xfstests:~# /vtmp/repro
[ 20.597145] (repro,368,1):ocfs2_rename:1688 ERROR: status = -39

Best regards
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
mkdir("/mnt/xyz", 0x700);
mkdir("/mnt/abc", 0x700);
symlink("/mnt", "/mnt/xyz/1");
rename("/mnt/abc", "/mnt/xyz");
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