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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 0/2] mtd: rawnand: meson: add Amlogic NAND driver support
Hi Boris and Miquel,

How about the v7 patch?

On 2018/11/17 0:40, Jianxin Pan wrote:
> These two patches try to add initial NAND driver support for Amlogic Meson
> SoCs, current it has been tested on GXL(p212) and AXG(s400) platform.
> Changes since V6 at [7]
> - use timings->tBERS_max as the maximum time out, delete NFC_CMD_RB_TIMEOUT
> - fix nand_rw_cmd and support small block flash and which row address less than 3
> - fix coding style
> - replace readl/writel_* with readl/writel_relaxed*
> - implement dma access for read_buf and write_buf, more efficient.
> - delete waiting dma finish in write process and let NAND_CMD_PAGEPROG and
> RB command go on queuing
> - add waiting the completed flag of last ecc page be set, for more strict

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