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SubjectRe: Question about "regulator: core: Only count load for enabled consumers" in -next

On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 1:37 AM Brian Masney <> wrote:
> I bisected the issue to the following commit:
> 5451781dadf8 ("regulator: core: Only count load for enabled consumers")
> We have to increase the load for the sdhci in device tree in order for
> the phone to boot properly. This change was made with the commit:
> 03864e57770a ("ARM: dts: qcom: msm8974-hammerhead: increase load on l20
> for sdhci")

You have a 200 mA system load on this regulator? I guess this is a
workaround for drivers that don't set the load properly themselves?

I wonder if there is a bug in my patch where the system load doesn't
take effect if nobody ever calls set_load. Let's see... Does the
below fix things for you? It's totally untested and whitespace
damaged but I wanted to get a response out quick and I'm just walking
out the door. I'll test more / dig more either tonight or at work

+++ b/drivers/regulator/core.c
@@ -1344,6 +1344,12 @@ static int set_machine_constraints(struct
regulator_dev *rdev,
rdev_err(rdev, "failed to set initial mode: %d\n", ret);
return ret;
+ } else if (rdev->constraints->system_load) {
+ /*
+ * We'll only apply the initial system load if an
+ * initial mode wasn't specified.
+ */
+ drms_uA_update(rdev);

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