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SubjectRe: [PATCH 14/17] ARM: OMAP2+: use pdata quirks for PRUSS reset lines on AM335x
* Roger Quadros <> [181122 11:40]:
> From: Suman Anna <>
> The omap_device API is needed to perform the reset management for
> any IP instances with PRCM RSTCTRL registers (hard reset lines).
> This API is limited to the mach-omap2 layer, and cannot be exposed
> to drivers layer directly. So use platform data ops and pdata quirks
> for the PRUSS IP in AM335x SoCs to plumb the required omap_device
> API. The PRUSS SoC bus driver can then use these pdata ops to
> achieve the required reset functionality.
> This is being implemented this way as there is no separate reset
> driver at the moment.

If the reset-simple approach has issues we can certainly do
this until the issues are fixed. I believe Suman had an issue
where we need to prevent the related clockdomain from idling.



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