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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] kmemleak: Turn kmemleak_lock to raw spinlock on RT
On 2018-11-23 12:02:55 [+0100], Andrea Parri wrote:
> > is this an RT-only problem? Because mainline should not allow read->read
> > locking or read->write locking for reader-writer locks. If this only
> > happens on v4.18 and not on v4.19 then something must have fixed it.
> Probably misunderstanding, but I'd say that read->read locking is "the
> norm"...?
> If you don't use qrwlock, readers are also "recursive", in part.,
> P0 P1
> read_lock(l)
> write_lock(l)
> read_lock(l)
> won't block P0 on the second read_lock(). (qrwlock somehow complicate
> the analysis; IIUC, they are recursive if and only if in_interrupt().).

ehm, peterz, is that true? My memory on that is that all readers will
block if there is a writer pending.

> Andrea


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