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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 2/2] base/drivers/arch_topology: Default dmips-mhz if they are not set in DT
On 22-11-18, 13:36, Daniel Lezcano wrote:
> In the case of asymmetric SoC with the same micro-architecture, we
> have a group of CPUs with smaller OPPs than the other group. One
> example is the 96boards dragonboard 820c. There is no dmips/MHz
> difference between both groups, so no need to specify the values in
> the DT. Unfortunately, without these defined, there is no scaling
> capacity computation triggered, so we need to write
> 'capacity-dmips-mhz' for each CPU with the same value in order to
> force the scaled capacity computation.
> Fix this by setting a default capacity to SCHED_CAPACITY_SCALE, if no
> 'capacity-dmips-mhz' is defined in the DT.

We aren't doing this anymore. You should rather explain that we just
allocate raw_capacity now and rest is left for
init_cpu_capacity_callback() to fix.


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