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SubjectRe: DVB-S PCI card regression on 4.19 / 4.20
Hello Mauro. 

Thank you so much, for this fast reply and especially for the detailed
indications. I expected to have a lack of knowledge.

Well, I am replying to the question as of below: (for convenience I did cut
the before text, if you deem it useful for the list I can then correct that in
the next posts).

In data giovedì 22 novembre 2018 21:06:11 CET, Mauro Carvalho Chehab ha
> Are you sure that the difference is just the Kernel version? Perhaps you
> also updated some other package.

To be clear: I had the same system(!) with all three kernel 4.18.15-1, 4.19.1
(when the problem did arise) and 4.20.2 rc3 from Takashi's repo) installed.

In this very configuration: if one booted in 4.18 (that is in perfect parity
with all other packages) the card worked. 4.19.1 no. And the last kernel the
same. So whatever might be different, forcefully it has to be in the kernel.
(Which is not really a problem if I manage to make it work, so settings will
be known to others or, if not, we will find out what is different, and all
will be happy. As you see I am still optimist).
I will proceed as indicated and report back here tomorrow.


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