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SubjectMagic Sysrq key option ... What is the option to record the boot logs to my hard disk before i issue a reboot command ?

I have this nagging and frustrating boot freeze i often face on my
Deepin OS boot ... Deepin OS i think uses 'journalctl' to record logs
on its system.

'journalctl' however seems to record boot logs ONLY for successful
boots ... boot logs for instances of boot freezes/hangs that are
issued with a ... 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' ... key combination or the ... Magic
Sysrq 'b' ... key combination to get out of the frozen/hung machine
state are just not aved in the 'journalctl' log ...

Is there any option using Magic Sysrq that will enable me to record
the failed/frozen/hung boot information to a file for troubleshooting
before i reboot the system using the option 'b' ?

If not ... Isn't it a good idea to have such an option added to Magic
Sysrq options, that can save/record the boot/system logs upto that
point, until just before we restart the machines ?

It would really help to have such an option ... an option to record
and save the machine state(logs) before we reboot the system using the
'b' option of Magic Sysrq !!!

thanks for looking

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