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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/5] mm/memory_hotplug: Create add/del_device_memory functions
> This collides with the refactoring of hmm, to be done in terms of
> devm_memremap_pages(). I'd rather not introduce another common
> function *beneath* hmm and devm_memremap_pages() and rather make
> devm_memremap_pages() the common function.

Hi Dan,

That is true.
Previous version of this patchet was based on yours (hmm-refactor),
but then I decided to not base it here due to lack of feedback.
But if devm_memremap_pages() is going to be the main/common function,
I am totally fine to put the memory-hotplug specific there.

> I plan to resubmit that cleanup after Plumbers. So, unless I'm
> misunderstanding some other benefit a nak from me on this patch as it
> stands currently.

Great, then I will wait for your new patchset, and then I will base
this one on that.

Oscar Salvador

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