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Subject[PATCH 0/3] tools/memory-model: Add SRCU support
Paul and other LKMM maintainers:

The following series of patches adds support for SRCU to the Linux
Kernel Memory Model. That is, it adds the srcu_read_lock(),
srcu_read_unlock(), and synchronize_srcu() primitives to the model.

Patch 1/3 does some renaming of the RCU parts of the
memory model's existing CAT code, to help distinguish them
from the upcoming SRCU parts.

Patch 2/3 refactors the definitions of some RCU relations
in the CAT code, in a way that the SRCU portions will need.

Patch 3/3 actually adds the SRCU support.

This new code requires herd7 version 7.51+4(dev) or later (now
available in the herdtools7 github repository) to run. Thanks to Luc
for making the necessary changes to support SRCU.

The code does not check that the index argument passed to
srcu_read_unlock() is the same as the value returned by the
corresponding srcu_read_lock() call. This is deemed to be a semantic
issue, not directly relevant to the memory model.


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