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SubjectRe: KVM selftests are failing
On Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 09:23:41PM +0200, Ahmed Soliman wrote:
> Hello,
> > > I couldn't reproduce this on a Westmere. Are you sure you're testing
> > > a clean compilation? Can you bisect the kernel?
> I don't do a make clean normally, but I will do it this time when
> bisecting,

Sorry, I meant a clean build of the kvm selftests, not the kernel. The
kvm selftests makefile is a bit lacking and I've noticed that tests can
assert in random places if they aren't built from scratch - ensuring all
changed dependencies also get recompiled. Fixing up the makefile is on
my todo, but it wasn't very high on it, since 'make clean && make' is
fast enough.

> also I only use shallow
> clones so it will also take some time pulling. Also to note, The arch
> I am using is Haswell, I am not
> sure if that should make any difference though.

I'm not sure either, and unfortunately I don't have the same hardware
as you to try and reproduce.

> > What would be the difference in CONFIG_* fragments that you both have enabled?
> Here is my config file:

I checked the differences but nothing interesting stood out. I'm using a
defconfig config with a couple extra file system modules tacked on.


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