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SubjectRE: scsi_set_medium_removal timeout issue
On Mon, 12 Nov 2018, Zengtao (B) wrote:

> >> >Something is wrong here. Before sending PREVENT-ALLOW MEDIUM
> >> >REMOVAL, the host should issue SYNCHRONIZE CACHE. This will force
> >> >fsg_lun_fsync_sub to run, and the host should allow a long timeout
> >> >for this command. Then when PREVENT-ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL
> >is sent,
> >> >nothing will need to be flushed.
> >> >
> >>
> >> Definitely, I haven't seen the SYNCHRONIZE CACHE from the host, it
> >> directly issued the PREVENT-ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL, so maybe
> >something
> >> wrong with the scsi layer or something wrong with the mass storage
> >class driver?
> >
> >Or it could be something else. Can you please post the dmesg log from
> >the host, showing what happens when the device is first plugged in?
> >
> I have enabled the SCSI log for the host, please refer to the attachment.

The log you attached was incomplete -- it was missing some commands
from the beginning. In any case, it wasn't what I wanted. I asked
you to post the dmesg log, not the SCSI log.

Alan Stern

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