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SubjectRe: [PATCH 02/24] leds: core: Add support for composing LED class device names
Hi Pavel,

On 11/11/2018 01:02 PM, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
>> Add public led_compose_name() API for composing LED class device
>> name basing on fwnode_handle data. The function composes device name
>> according to either a new <color:function> pattern or the legacy
>> <devicename:color:function> pattern. The decision on using the
>> particular pattern is made basing on whether fwnode contains new
>> "function" and "color" properties, or the legacy "label" proeprty.
>> Backwards compatibility with in-driver hard-coded LED class device
>> names is assured thanks to the default_desc argument.
>> In case none of the aformentioned properties was found, then, for OF
>> nodes, the node name is adopted for LED class device name.
>> diff --git a/Documentation/leds/leds-class.txt b/Documentation/leds/leds-class.txt
>> index 836cb16..e9009c4 100644
>> --- a/Documentation/leds/leds-class.txt
>> +++ b/Documentation/leds/leds-class.txt
>> @@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ LED Device Naming
>> Is currently of the form:
>> -"devicename:colour:function"
>> +"colour:function"
> I don't think we want to do it in all cases.
> So, on my cellphone seeing lp5523:green:led is indeed not useful.
> But on notebook with usb keyboard attached, you need to keep the
> devicename to be able to distinguish capslock on internal keyboard and
> capslock on first USB keyboard and capslock on second USB keyboard.
> Taking look at the list of functions, here's stuff like "hdd" and
> "hdderr". I assume the first means hdd activity... If we can do it, it
> would be nicest to have "sda:green:activity" and maybe
> "sda:red:error". For a raid array with 8 drives...
> For example I have a router running linux. It has 4 lan ports, with
> correspondings LED, and an wan led.
> Having "green:lan1" to "green:lan4" and "green:wan" plus
> "red:wanerror" would work, but I'd really preffer
> "eth0:green:link"... "adsl0:green:link", "adsl0:red:error".
> There are now phones with flashes on both main and selfie
> cameras. Again, knowing which device is which is important. As is
> knowing which display is controlled by particular backlight.

It's overcomplicating the naming again. In every case you can tweak
the function name to eth0_link, eth1_link etc.

Best regards,
Jacek Anaszewski

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