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SubjectRe: R8169: Network lockups in 4.18.{8,9,10} (and 4.19 dev)
On 07.10.2018 21:36, Chris Clayton wrote:
> Hi again,
> I didn't think there was anything in 4.19-rc7 to fix this regression, but tried it anyway. I can confirm that the
> regression is still present and my network still fails when, after a resume from suspend (to ram or disk), I open my
> browser or my mail client. In both those cases the failure is almost immediate - e.g. my home page doesn't get displayed
> in the browser. Pinging one of my ISPs name servers doesn't fail quite so quickly but the reported time increases from
> 14-15ms to more than 1000ms.

You can try comparing chip registers (ethtool -d eth0) in the working
state (before a suspend) and in the broken state (after a resume).
Maybe there will be some obvious in the difference.

The same goes for the PCI configuration (lspci -d :8168 -vv).

> Chris


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