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SubjectRe: [PATCH v11 1/3]: perf util: map data buffer for preserving collected data

On 08.10.2018 15:38, Jiri Olsa wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 08, 2018 at 03:03:18PM +0300, Alexey Budankov wrote:
>> Well, let's go with stub functions design as opposite to pure
>> conditional compilation. However this may, probably, result in
>> unintended Perf tool binary size growth, even if NO_AIO is
>> defined during compilation.
> hum, empty functions are be optimized out

Yes, but there will be references to stubs in else branch of
record__mmap_read_evlist() so I am not sure that *all* compilers
are smart enough to recognize and still optimize it out.


> jirka

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