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Subject[PATCH V6 00/23] mmc: mmci: add sdmmc variant for stm32
From: Ludovic Barre <>

The goal of this serie is to add support of sdmmc for stm32.
Be to able to add this new variant it is needed to do some changes in
mmci core:
-Internalize specific needs of legacy dmaengine.
-Create and setup dma_priv pointer.
-Create generic callbacks which share some features (like cookie...)
and call specific needs.

change v6:
-move mmci_variant_init in mmci.c
-dma_setup/release: let the variants clean up themselves.

change v5:
-error management in mmci_dmae_setup and qcom_dma_setup
mmci_dmae_setup: fail when tx & rx are not defined.
qcom_dma_setup: faill if one of channels is not defined.
-define mmci_variant_init following CONFIG_DMA_ENGINE state.
-squash dma_setup/dma_release callback.

change v4:
-checkpatch fix bool to u8
-add use_dma variable to fallback to pio mode
-move to optional reset with dt binding note for sdmmc
-separate patch for DT doc

change v3:
-remove __dma_inprogress rename
-remove bad space at end of "st,use-ckin"

change v2:
-rename to mmci_prep/unprep_data
-rename specific dma engine structure to mmci_dmae_next/priv
-follow "_" recommandation
-remove dma prefixe of mmci_dmae_priv fields

Ludovic Barre (23):
mmc: mmci: create common mmci_dma_setup/release
mmc: mmci: introduce dma_priv pointer to mmci_host
mmc: mmci: merge prepare data functions
mmc: mmci: add prepare/unprepare_data callbacks
mmc: mmci: add get_next_data callback
mmc: mmci: add dma_start callback
mmc: mmci: add dma_finalize callback
mmc: mmci: add dma_error callback
mmc: mmci: add validate_data callback
mmc: mmci: add set_clk/pwrreg callbacks
mmc: mmci: add datactrl block size variant property
mmc: mmci: expand startbiterr to irqmask and error check
mmc: mmci: add variant properties to define cpsm & cmdresp bits
mmc: mmci: add variant property to define dpsm bit
mmc: mmci: add variant property to define irq pio mask
mmc: mmci: add variant property to write datactrl before command
mmc: mmci: add variant property to not read datacnt
dt-bindings: mmci: add optional reset property
mmc: mmci: add optional reset property
mmc: mmci: add clock divider for stm32 sdmmc
mmc: mmci: add stm32 sdmmc registers
dt-bindings: mmci: add stm32 sdmmc variant
mmc: mmci: add stm32 sdmmc variant

Documentation/devicetree/bindings/mmc/mmci.txt | 11 +
drivers/mmc/host/Kconfig | 10 +
drivers/mmc/host/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/mmc/host/mmci.c | 628 ++++++++++++++++++-------
drivers/mmc/host/mmci.h | 140 +++++-
drivers/mmc/host/mmci_qcom_dml.c | 17 +-
drivers/mmc/host/mmci_stm32_sdmmc.c | 282 +++++++++++
7 files changed, 886 insertions(+), 203 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 drivers/mmc/host/mmci_stm32_sdmmc.c


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