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Subject[PATCH net-next v3 0/6] net: phy: mscc: various improvements to Microsemi PHY driver
The Microsemi PHYs have multiple banks of registers (called pages).
Registers can only be accessed from one page, if we need a register from
another page, we need to switch the page and the registers of all other
pages are not accessible anymore.

Basically, to read register 5 from page 0, 1, 2, etc., you do the same
phy_read(phydev, 5); but you need to set the desired page beforehand.

In order to guarantee that two concurrent functions do not change the
page, we need to do some locking per page. This can be achieved with the
use of phy_select_page and phy_restore_page functions but phy_write/read
calls in-between those two functions shall be replaced by their
lock-free alternative __phy_write/read.

The Microsemi PHYs have several counters so let's make them available as PHY

The VSC 8530/31/40/41 also need to update their EEE init sequence in order to
avoid packet losses and improve performance.

This patch series also makes some minor cosmetic changes to the driver.


- add reviewed-by,
- use phy_read/write/modify_paged whenever possible instead of the
combo phy_select_page, __phy_read/write/modify, phy_restore_page when
only one __phy_read/write/modify was executed,

- add patch to migrate MSCC driver to use phy_restore/select_page,
- migrate all patches from v1 to use those two functions,
- put the multiple lines of constants writes in an array and iterate over
it to write the values,
- add reviewed-bys,

Quentin Schulz (4):
net: phy: mscc: migrate to phy_select/restore_page functions
net: phy: mscc: remove unneeded parenthesis
net: phy: mscc: shorten `x != 0` condition to `x`
net: phy: mscc: remove unneeded temporary variable

Raju Lakkaraju (2):
net: phy: mscc: add ethtool statistics counters
net: phy: mscc: Add EEE init sequence

drivers/net/phy/mscc.c | 352 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
1 file changed, 255 insertions(+), 97 deletions(-)


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