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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 8/8] x86/vdso: Move out the CPU initialization

* Chang S. Bae <> wrote:

> The CPU and node number will be written, as early enough,
> to the segment limit of per CPU data and TSC_AUX MSR entry.
> The information has been retrieved by vgetcpu in user space
> and will be also loaded from the paranoid entry, when
> FSGSBASE enabled.
> The new setup function is named after the getcpu(2) system
> call, and will be called during each CPU initialization
> (before setting up IST). It makes a facility useful to both
> the kernel and userspace unconditionally available much
> sooner.
> The change brings a substantial code removal. The redundant
> setting of the segment in entry/vdso/vma.c and hotplug
> notifier are removed.

The title and the changelog is totally unreadable, full of grammar errors
which makes it actively misleading...

A good changelog should explain not what it does, but _why_ it is

x86/vdso: Initialize the CPU/node NR segment descriptor earlier

Currently the CPU/node NR segment descriptor (GDT_ENTRY_CPU_NUMBER) is
initialized relatively late during CPU init, from the vCPU code, which
has a number of disadvantages, such as hotplug CPU notifiers and SMP

Instead just initialize it much earlier, directly in cpu_init().

This reduces complexity and increases robustness.

I've edited the changelog, but please keep this in mind for future submissions.

I also made a number of other cleanups to the code, will push them out
after some testing.



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