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SubjectRe: [PATCH net 2/2] rxrpc: Fix the data_ready handler
Eric Dumazet <> wrote:

> sk_data_ready is not meant to process packets, it is meant to signal
> to another entity (preferably running in process context and thus with proper
> schedule points, and not blocking BH) that there is data ready to be consumed.

The issue is that I need to route the packets to the appropriate call, and the
BH appears to be the right place to do this, especially as I can quickly parse
and discard certain types of packet right there.

If I move all of this to process context then that adds extra context switches
between the routing process and the destination process.

> Under DOS, it is possible multiple cpus will sk_data_ready in parallel.

Ummm... I've been led to believe that sk_data_ready will *not* be called in
parallel and that the code it calls can assume non-reentrancy. Is this not
the case?

What about the patch I attached, whereby I use the encap_rcv() hook. Do you
say that won't work?


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