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SubjectRe: [PATCH] block: BFQ default for single queue devices

> Il giorno 04 ott 2018, alle ore 21:25, Alan Cox <> ha scritto:
>> I agree with Jens that it's best to leave it to the Linux distributors to
>> select a default I/O scheduler.
> That assumes such a thing exists.

Well, as of now the default is more or less in the Schrdinger's cat state :)

Metaphors apart, I do agree with your point. As for me, what you
point out is one of the core issues at stake here.


> The kernel knows what devices it is
> dealing with. The kernel 'default' ought to be 'whatever is usually best
> for this device'. A distro cannot just pick a correct single default
> because NVME and USB sticks are both normal and rather different in needs.
> Alan

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