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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/34] VFS: Introduce filesystem context [ver #12]


I have been going through these and it is a wonderful proof of concept
patchset. There are a couple significant problems with it however.

- Many patches do more than one thing that could benefit from being
broken up into more patches so that there is only one logical change
per patch. I have attempted a little of that and have found several
significant bugs.

- There are many unnecessary changes in this patchset that just add
noise and make it difficult to review.

- There are many typos and thinkos in this patchset that while not hard
to correct keep this from being anywhere close to being ready for
prime time.

- Some of the bugs I have encountered.
* proc that isn't pid_ns_prepare_proc does not set fc->user_ns to
match the pid namespace.
* mqueue does not set fc->user_ns to match the ipc namespace.
* The cpuset filesystem always fails to mount
* Non-converted filesystems don't have the old security hooks
and only have a bit blob so don't call into the new security
hooks either.
* The changes to implement the new security hooks at least for
selinux are riddled with typos, and thinkos.

I was hoping to get into the semantic questions but I can't get
there until I get a good solid baseline patch to work with.

I have been able to hoist the permission check out of sget_fc for
converted filesystems. So progress is being made. That absolutely
requires fc->user_ns to be set properly before vfs_get_tree. Something
that still needs to be fixed.

I have also observed that by not allowing unconverted filesystems
to mount using the new api. The compatbitility code can be
significantly simplified, and the who data_size problem goes away.

I am going to be travelling for the next couple of days so I
don't expect I will be able to answer questions in a timely manner.
In the hopes that it might help below is my work in progress git
tree where I have cleaned up some of these issues. new-mount-api-testing


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