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SubjectRe: [PATCH v9 03/11] PM / Domains: Document flags for genpd
On 4 October 2018 at 15:48, Tony Lindgren <> wrote:
> Hi,
> * Ulf Hansson <> [181003 14:43]:
>> + * GENPD_FLAG_IRQ_SAFE: This informs genpd that its backend callbacks,
>> + * ->power_on|off(), doesn't sleep. Hence, these
>> + * can be invoked from within atomic context, which
>> + * enables genpd to power on/off the PM domain,
>> + * even when pm_runtime_is_irq_safe() returns true,
>> + * for any of its attached devices. Note that, a
>> + * genpd having this flag set, requires its
>> + * masterdomains to also have it set.
>> + *
> Let's try to avoid adding more irq_safe stuff because of having that
> propagate to the masterdomains..

I am not sure I get your point. This is just documenting existing
functionality in genpd, there is nothing new here.

> I think you can just flag the power_on/off in genpd, then have cpu_pm
> callbacks do it.

Not really sure what you propose, but feel free to send a patch.

Do note, genpd has since the beginning of its time tried to cope with
pm_runtime_irq_safe() devices. I admit it's quite complicated, however
GENPD_FLAG_IRQ_SAFE greatly improved the support for such devices and
their PM domains. Moreover, we need this functionality, in one way or
the other, as long as there users of pm_runtime_irq_safe().

Kind regards

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