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SubjectTested-by test
Tested with fio on a 2 socket AMD EPYC based server with 128 cores and 8 nvme drives.  Comparing baseline linux-next kernel results with linux-next with this patch applied IOPS increased by 40%. 

sudo fio --bs=4k --ioengine=libaio --iodepth=16 --filename=/dev/nvme1n1:/dev/nvme2n1:/dev/nvme3n1:/dev/nvme4n1:/dev/nvme5n1:/dev/nvme6n1:/dev/nvme7n1:/dev/nvme8n1 --direct=1 --runtime=60 --numjobs=160 --rw=randread --name=test --group_reporting

Tested-by: Sherry Hurwitz <>

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