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SubjectRe: Git pull ack emails..
On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 07:13:59AM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> It would be much nicer if the "notification" really did the right
> thing, and created an actual email follow-up, with the correct To/Cc
> and subject lines, but also the proper "References" line so that it
> actually gets threaded properly too.
> That implies that it really should be integrated into the mailing list itself.
> But I don't know how flexible the whole lkml archive bot is for things
> like this. But I assume you have _some_ hook into new messages coming
> in for
> > Would that be a useful alternative? If yes, what would be your preferred
> > workflow for such tool instead of "git lmk [commit] [tree-moniker]"?
> I really do suspect that "I sent out a pull request, I'd like to be
> automatically notified when it gets upstream" would be the primary
> thing.
> And by "upstreamed" it isn't necessarily just my tree, of course.

I should have something working soon, hopefully -- which should be
sufficiently generic to be adapted for other devs.

Regarding your case specifically, what's a good cutoff period for
treating a pull request as effectively ignored/abandoned (i.e. no
matching commit-id ever found in the repo). I'm guessing about a month,
or do you want to go longer, in case something shifts to the following
merge window?


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