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SubjectRe: GNU Kind Communication Guidelines / New Code Of Conduct = Insufficient Pseudoreligion
The real philosophical background of operating systems is actually this:

I/O, first operatingsystems like layer, available source, has Biblical background.
Unix, a whole operating system, available source, builds on first biblical background.
Irix, a first multimedia OS, not available source, builds on the earlier.
GNU Is Not Unix, builds on the earlier, but in hippie times, is also associated with LSD.
Amiga 500, an Irix for the home computer, not available source, builds on earlier, and probably LSD aswell.
Microsoft Windows, not available source, builds on earlier aswell, LSD and many regressions aswell, with task priorities still not working after 20 years.

Uqquh Is Not A Triune O-S, fixes all this, makes available source focus again, and upgrades the biblical philosophy with a Quran, and a correct latinization of ALLAH, Uqquh. Being a global "fair pay" OS, and the only OS needed, with Fpy Licence and Delyar as the online currency.

The Next Thing, in Computing, respecting Labour Party politics, and work union efforts.

Ywe Cærlyn

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