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SubjectRe: [Outreachy kernel] Re: [PATCH v2] staging: vboxvideo: Remove unnecessary parentheses
On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 08:17:57PM -0300, Shayenne Moura wrote:
>On 10/30, Greg Kroah-Hartman wrote:
>> On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 02:43:04PM -0300, Shayenne da Luz Moura wrote:
>> > Remove unneeded parentheses around the arguments of ||. This reduces
>> > clutter and code behave in the same way.
>> > Change suggested by
>> >
>> > vbox_main.c:119: CHECK: Unnecessary parentheses around 'rects[i].x2 <
>> > crtc->x'
>> >
>> > Signed-off-by: Shayenne da Luz Moura <>
>> > Reviewed-by: Hans de Goede <>
>> > ---
>> > Changes in v2:
>> > - Make the commit message more clearer.
>> This patch does not apply to the latest kernel tree at all :(
>> Please fix up and resend.
>> thanks,
>> greg k-h
>Hi Greg!
>Sorry, I do not know what branch are expected to be used.
>I used the drm-misc-next to create this patch and I could not
>find any merge problem.
>Could you please tell me the details?

Hi Shayenne,

There's an easy trick for this: the kernel tree has a script that can
help you find both the relevant maintainers, and their development tree
for each file in the kernel.

Simply run:

./scripts/ --scm -f [filename]

For example, in this case, you'd run:

$ ./scripts/ --scm -f drivers/staging/vboxvideo/vbox_main.c
Greg Kroah-Hartman <> (supporter:STAGING SUBSYSTEM,commit_signer:10/10=100%)
Hans de Goede <> (commit_signer:7/10=70%,authored:6/10=60%,added_lines:31/37=84%,removed_lines:153/159=96%)
Fabio Rafael da Rosa <> (commit_signer:1/10=10%,authored:1/10=10%)
Alexander Kapshuk <> (commit_signer:1/10=10%,authored:1/10=10%)
Nicholas Mc Guire <> (commit_signer:1/10=10%)
Thomas Zimmermann <> (authored:1/10=10%,added_lines:2/37=5%)
Daniel Junho <> (authored:1/10=10%,added_lines:2/37=5%) (open list:STAGING SUBSYSTEM) (open list)
git git://

The list of people and mailing lists are the ones that should be the
recipients of your patch, and the last line is the git tree on which the
patch should be based on.


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