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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/8] OLPC 1.75 Keyboard/Touchpad fixes

> >
> >
> > I didn't test it yet -- will do when I get home in the evening. But
> > chances are it's good enough and I guess you'd be able to get it
> > working even if I messed up some details.

Instruction say make, but you really need to do make zImage and make
mmp2-olpc-xo-1-75.dtb .

Instructions say "make -j", which is nice way to crash a machine. I
suggest "make -j 8" :-).

Ok, I think I followed the instructions. I am using empty root
filesystem, just with /boot -- want to see kernel messages first
before I mess with the userland.

But I don't get kernel messages during boot:

OLPC 1B1, 512 MiB memory...
OpenFirmware Q4C02 EC Frimware 0.3.02

Type any key to interrupt...
(but keys do not interrupt anything, ouch).
Warning... partition type is 0xb...
Boot device: /usb/disk:\boot\olpc.fth Arguments:
Boot device ....
Warning... partition type is 0xb...

And that's it, cursor and no kernel messages.

Any ideas?

Could I get prepared binary zImage for testing?

(cesky, pictures)
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