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SubjectRe: [PATCH] clocksource/drivers/fttmr010: fix invalid interrupt register access
On 10/02/2018 12:35 AM, Linus Walleij wrote:

> This struct member "count_down" is a bit badly named now don't you think?
> The patch is fine semantically, but please rename this member "is_aspeed" or something like that and update the code everywhere,

Thank you Linus for the quick review.
I was actually planning a cleanup patch which handles is_aspeed/count_down stuff. Basically we have 2 options:
    1) adding "is_aspeed" flag. "count_down" is kept because potentially faraday-fttmr could also be configured as count_down timer (although I don't see any reason to do so).
    2) renaming "count_down" to "is_aspeed". By doing this, we set restriction that faraday-fttmr will always be upward.
What's your thought? Do you want me to include all the changes in this diff?

> then insert a comments like
> /* The Aspeed variant counts downward */
> /* The Aspeed variant does not have a match interrupt */
> in the code snippets so we see what is going on.

Make sense. Let me add more comments.

Tao Ren
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