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SubjectRe: [PATCHv5 3/7] tty: Hold tty_ldisc_lock() during tty_reopen()
On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 6:33 PM Dmitry Safonov <> wrote:
> [...]
> Well, v5 passes 0day, so all previous reports are fixed.
> But there is a new one about reboot on parisc platform which takes ~3
> mins after the patch with ldisc locked on tty_reopen().
> I believe it's related to holding read side for too long..
> So, the patches still need another fix, heh.
> Unfortunately, I was a bit busy with other bugs hitting more in Arista.

Hi Dmitry, thank you! Yeah, I saw that reading the whole thread after
sending this email heheh
That's a bummer =/

Unfortunately, I don't have a reproducer to exercise your patch. Do you
have some recipe on how to reproduce it easily?
I'll try more, in order I can validate the reboot behavior here.

> > > I'd like to ask you if you did respin the patch with Greg's
> > > suggestion
> > > for the tag - I couldn't find it in LKML heheh
> > >
> > > Oh, if you can CC me in future spins of this patch (in case there
> > > any),
> > > I'd really be glad.
> Sure, will enlarge Cc list ;)

Thanks again!


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