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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 0/3] Add a kernel parameter to change the padding size for KASLR

* Masayoshi Mizuma <> wrote:

> This patch series are adding an kernel parameter to change
> the padding size used for KASLR. It is useful for memory hotplug
> capable system. User can adjust the padding size to use it.
> It is better if the padding size is calculated automatically,
> however, ACPI SRAT is not available at the KASLR initialization
> time. So, I add a message for user to tell the suitable padding
> size. User can set it on next reboot.
> This patch series don't change the current default padding size.
> Change log from v5:
> - Fix build error if CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_MEMORY is not defined.

Please send a delta patch on top of tip:x86/boot with the get_rand_mem_physical_padding() fix,
when doing that you'll see that I did some minor cleanups when applying the patches which your
v6 series undoes.



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