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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] selinux: add a fallback to defcontext for native labeling
Quoting Stephen Smalley (2018-10-02 12:41:54)
> On 10/02/2018 02:48 PM, Taras Kondratiuk wrote:
> > Quoting Stephen Smalley (2018-09-21 07:40:58)
> >> If we set the inode sid to the superblock def_sid on an invalid
> >> context, then we lose the association to the original context value.
> >> The support for deferred mapping of contexts requires allocating a new
> >> SID for the invalid context and storing that SID in the inode, so that
> >> if the context later becomes valid upon a policy update/reload, the
> >> inode SID will refer to the now valid context.
> >> To combine the two, we would need security_context_to_sid_core() to
> >> save the def_sid in the context structure for invalid contexts, and
> >> change sidtab_search_core() to use that value instead of
> >> SECINITSID_UNLABELED for invalid SIDs. Then the inode would be
> >> treated as having the defcontext for access control and getxattr() w/o
> >> CAP_MAC_ADMIN purposes, but a subsequent policy update/reload that
> >> makes the context valid would automatically cause subsequent accesses
> >> to the inode to start using the original context value for access
> >> control and getxattr() purposes. I think that's the behavior you
> >> want.
> >>
> >
> > While implementing the change I've realized that storing default context
> > for sidtab_search_core() in the context structure is not enough to
> > achieve the desired behavior. The same invalid context may exist in two
> > mounts with different 'defcontext', so default context can't be a
> > property of a context structure.
> >
> > One way to address it is to propagate default context to sidtab_search() all
> > the way from inode hooks. But that will be a bit intrusive. Something like
> > avc_has_perm_default() will need to be added.
> >
> > Other way is to check for context validity in inode hooks and provide a default
> > context to avc_has_perm() if the inode's sid is invalid. But this may have
> > performance implication since validity check will be done each time in fast
> > path.
> >
> > Do you see any other options?
> I think the original approach is still best. The def_sid can be part of
> the context structure; you just need to update context_cmp() to compare
> it (as part of the first return statement) so that the same invalid
> context in two mounts with different defcontext= values will allocate
> different SIDs. Likewise context_cpy() needs to copy the def_sid.
> As a separate matter, you should also modify
> security_context_to_sid_force() to pass down the sbsec->def_sid so that
> when userspace with CAP_MAC_ADMIN sets an invalid context on an inode,
> the default context will be used in the same manner.

Thanks. That's really a better approach.

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