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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL linux-next] Add Compiler Attributes tree
Hi Miguel,

On Wed, 3 Oct 2018 00:36:52 +0200 Dominique Martinet <> wrote:
> Miguel Ojeda wrote on Wed, Oct 03, 2018:
> > As I have read, -next is supposed to be a vision of what the merge
> > window will look like after merging everything, i.e. ideally -rc1. For
> > that to work for files out-of-tree (like these ones, which are not
> > maintained by a single tree), changes should be allowed to be stacked
> > on each other; otherwise, we cannot handle conflicts :-(
> The rule is the same as with a regular mainline pull; I don't have the
> reference at hand but in some recent-ish pull request Linus said he
> prefers the stable version with the conflict, and optionally you can
> provide a second branch with the conflict resolved for reference, but
> the pull request should be based on something stable even if it has
> conflicts
> If there is a conflict Stefen will resolve it like Linus/Greg would, and
> the resolved bit will be carried over everyday so it's not much more
> work -- exactly like a regular pull request for inclusion in the main
> tree :)

Exactly what Dominique said. I will fix up the conflict (unless it is
a very complex conflict, in which case the author(s) should help) and
the Linus (or Greg) will do the same. If you do depend on a patch in
Andrew's series, what happens if that patch does not get sent to Linus
during the merge window or Linus rejects it?

Stephen Rothwell
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