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SubjectRe: Regression found (Stop-marking-clocks-as-CLK_IS_CRITICAL)
Quoting Dean Wallace (2018-10-25 16:25:17)
> I have found a regression in 4.18.15 that means I lose sound on my old
> Toshiba Chromebook 2 (Swanky). My system details are:-
> Toshiba Chromebook (Swanky)
> MrChromebox UEFI coreboot
> Arch Linux running latest alsa/pulseaudio
> Upgraded kernel from 4.18.14 to 4.18.15 and lost all sound output. By
> output I mean, the card is still detected, the module loaded, all apps
> showing sound is being playing, but no actual audible sound comes
> through. Upgraded to 4.18.16 same issue.
> Dug around and found Upstream commit 648e921888ad96ea3dc922739e96716ad3225d7f
> clk: x86: Stop marking clocks as CLK_IS_CRITICAL
> "This commit removes the CLK_IS_CRITICAL marking, fixing Cherry Trail
> devices not being able to reach S0i3 greatly decreasing their battery
> drain when suspended."
> I reverted it and compiled 4.18.16 and have sound back again. Could
> this be looked into, with possibility of fix.

Thanks for the bug report. I'm adding some people involved in the commit
you mention is causing audio regressions. The best plan is to probably
revert the commit from the 4.18 linux stable tree. Or there may be
another patch missing that would be useful to make this backported patch
work. Hopefully Hans or Andy knows.

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