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SubjectRe: Regression: kernel 4.14 an later very slow with many ipsec tunnels
From: Wolfgang Walter <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2018 11:38:19 +0200

> there is now a new 4.19 which still has the big performance regression when
> many ipsec tunnels are configured (throughput and latency get worse by 10 to
> 50 times) which makes any kernel > 4.9 unusable for our routers.
> I still don't understand why a revert of the flow cache removal at least for
> the longterm kernels is that a bad option (maybe as a compile time option),
> especially as there is no workaround available.

You do know that the flow cache is DDoS targettable, right?

That's why we removed it, we did not make the change lightly.

Adding a DDoS vector back into the kernel is not an option sorry.

Please work diligently with Florian and others to try and find ways to
soften the performance hit.

Thank you.

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