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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 1/2] x86/speculation: apply IBPB more strictly to avoid cross-process data leak
On Sun, 21 Oct 2018, Pavel Machek wrote:

> Imagine JIT running evil code (flash, javascript). JIT will prevent evil
> code from doing ptrace() (or maybe there is syscall filter in effect or
> something like that), but if evil code can poison branch buffers and do
> timings, security problem stays.

JITs sort of remove the traditional unix security domain boundary between
mutually (un)trusted code (processess and threads), that's a more general
problem, yes.

> Do we need prctl(I_DONT_RUN_EVIL_CODE)?

That's basically the level of fine-graining Tim's followup patchset
(that's currently being discussed) is eventually going to achieve.


Jiri Kosina

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