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SubjectRe: [PATCH] net: ethernet: fec: Add missing SPEED_
On 20.10.2018 17:39, Andrew Lunn wrote:
>>>> I have patched by adding:
>>>> phy_remove_link_mode(phy_dev, ETHTOOL_LINK_MODE_Asym_Pause_BIT);
>> Instead of programmatically removing the feature bit it should be
>> possible to do this in the PHY driver configuration. See also
>> this part of phy_probe().
>> if (phydrv->features & (SUPPORTED_Pause | SUPPORTED_Asym_Pause)) {
>> phydev->supported &= ~(SUPPORTED_Pause | SUPPORTED_Asym_Pause);
>> phydev->supported |= phydrv->features &
>> (SUPPORTED_Pause | SUPPORTED_Asym_Pause);
>> } else {
>> phydev->supported |= SUPPORTED_Pause | SUPPORTED_Asym_Pause;
>> }
> Sorry for the late reply. Been on vacation.
> I need to check the datasheet, but it seems like the KSZ9021 does not
> support asym pause. Using the above code is the correct way to solve
> this problem. Look at the bcm63xx.c:bcm63xx_config_init() which does
> this.
I dare to dispute here ;) Above code snippet from phy_probe() will
(try to) set also SUPPORTED_Asym_Pause, because phydrv->features
doesn't include any of the two pause flags.
The statement in bcm63xx_config_init you refer to seems to be a
no-op to me therefore.

I'd say the correct way is to change the PHY config like this:
It's exactly the use case the code snippet above covers.

I think the bcm63xx driver would need to be changed.

> I will cook up a patch.
> Andrew

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